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70lb journey salad weight watchers

Week 8


I completed week 8 of my 70lb Journey. I have been closely analyzing my diet for the past week trying to figure out how to crack the code. I am eating similar things as previous weeks, but I am not getting the same results. I know I will figure it out and today I am choosing to be thankful that it’s a new day cause much like our time, our calories get replenished daily.


I wanted to identify one thing I would discover, change or removed from my diet this week:

I think I figured it out… I discovered that I was eating more calories than I should. I have been tracking weight watchers points, but in my analysis I plugged in the same items into my calorie counter and I was over. This was a challenging cause in keeping to my calories I am way under my weight watcher points. This revealed I need to change the types of foods I am eating and that I should track both points and calories to make sure I am not over consuming calories.



This week I exercised 3 days which consisted of walking 3 miles. I got more serious about my cardio at the end of the week.


Weight Loss:

1 pound this week (Total 15)

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