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Not a diet, it's a life!
avocado toast lose weight

Week 13


I completed week 13 of my 70lb Journey and I am starting to pick up my pace. I have been eating the normal stuff, but starting to add in some yogurt and fiber to keep things moving. Had a begin waffle one day this week and it was good, but not worth the calories. Then we went out and had BBQ to celebrate our anniversary, but halfway through the Pulled Pork Nachos I realized it simply was’t worth it. I am beginning to no longer be interested in the garbage food I once enjoyed.


I wanted to identify one thing I would discover, change or removed from my diet this week:

My wife made avocado toast on Spring Hill Bakery bread with chorizo  sausage, radishes and cilantro. It was delicious!



This week I exercised 5 days which consisted of walking a minimum of 3 miles.


Weight Loss:

1 pound this week (Total 26)

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