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Not a diet, it's a life!
tapatio salsa lose weight

Week 12


I completed week 12 of my 70lb Journey and I am over my cold and back into my groove. I am excited about my weight loss and thrilled to move down in pant size. I am eating good stuff like salad, tacos, and watermelon, however I did cut back a little on the watermelon intake (a little too much red in my diet). I actually ate a big slice of lasagna this week, it was really tasty, but because my view of food is changing from deliciousness I must put in my mouth to fuel to get me through the day, it fell a little flat. This concept of “food is fuel” has been a weird shift and has taken time to get accustomed to especially when going out and eating a delicious meal has been a large part of what I use to consider entertainment.


I wanted to identify one thing I would discover, change or removed from my diet this week:

I discovered an awesome breakfast ingredient and I may be addicted. I eat eggs scrambled every morning with salt and pepper and have for many years, but this last week I added Tapatio Salsa to my eggs before scrambling them and wow!!! It taste just like chorizo and eggs, but way healthier. Don’t believe me? You should try it!



This week I exercised 6 days which consisted of walking a minimum of 3 miles.


Weight Loss:

3 pound this week (Total 25)

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