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Not a diet, it's a life!
oatmeal weight loss 70 lb

Week 11


I completed week 11 of my 70lb Journey and things are still moving in a good direction. I unfortunately caught a cold early in the week and my exercise suffered because of it, but once I was healthy I was excited to get out and walk. I have also been eating a lot of watermelon. I am not sure if there is a limit on the amount of watermelon one should eat, but let’s just say I should probably cut back a little.


I wanted to identify one thing I would discover, change or removed from my diet this week:

Oatmeal is not that healthy. I have heard many people say it is, but maybe there not talking about the kind at Cracker Barrel. I wont make that mistake again. 🙂



This week I exercised 3 days which consisted of walking a minimum of 3.5 miles.


Weight Loss:

2 pound this week (Total 22)

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