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Set Goals. Be Strategic. Move Forward.
I get to help professionals and businesses establish their brand, develop a strategy, and get noticed.

I focus on:
  1. 1. Adding significant value
  2. 2. Moving things forward
  3. 3. Helping others succeed

The rest is still to be written... #MovingForward
Not a diet, it's a life!

Lose 70lbs in the next 8 months!

I have had the desire to lose 70 lbs for the many years now, but it was always more of an idea rather than a mission. I honestly believed I would get around to it, but weeks turned into months and months turned into years. I am sure you have heard this story before. Maybe it is even your story?

Recently, I found some old journals and noticed my weight loss goal was on every goals list, but I never started the journey. I am not sure why I never started, but I knew if I didn’t change something soon I might never do it.

On May 4th, 2017 I decided to make it a reality. I wasn’t going to keep saying “I’ll get around to it”. I made it my mission to lose 70lbs in the next 8 months and be healthy. So I began to strategize how I would accomplish this task. I knew I would need to be much more intentional about my goal than I had been in the past and came to terms with the fact that to lose 70lbs in the next 8 months, it would take discipline, focus, a plan, and significant action on my part.

I have chosen to tell this story online in an effort to keep myself accountable and hopefully to inspire others along the way.

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The Process

How I started my 70lb Journey.